La-tweez WHITE GLIMMER + Diamond Dust tips

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La-tweez WHITE GLIMMER + Diamond Dust tips

Step into the magical world of Mystic Dreams with this LIMITED EDITION Illuminating Tweezer

As the ORIGINAL inventors of the illuminating tweezers, nobody does it better than      La-tweez!

The patented LED light is a signature of La-tweez products proving you with the necessary light to tweeze anywhere and everywhere!

To turn the light On of Off simply press the beautiful Swarovski Crystallized button and if you forget don't worry as the product will Auto-Shut Off after 7 minutes

The inside of the tips are coated with real Diamond Dust that provides an extreme grip surface just perfect for effortlessly grabbing the finest of hairs and also strengthening the steel to elongate the life of the product

La-tweez with Diamond Dust Tips also feature triangular cutouts on the arms and this technology increases the tension at the tip creating an effortless tweezing experience as well as keeping the tweezers lightweight and beautiful to look at!

This product is supplied in ECO packaging

Replacement batteries are available from

This product is also available in Black, Gold, Rose Gold, Blue as well as special edition    Mermaid Two-Tone