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Genuine La-tweez Replacement Battery

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Genuine La-tweez Replacement Battery

Need to get your La-tweez illuminating again and looking for a Spare or Replacement   La-tweez battery?

This is a genuine replacement battery manufactured by La-tweez for all of your genuine La-tweez Pro tweezers and is sourced directly from their factory in China

Genuine La-tweez batteries are sealed with only a single +ve (Positive) and -ve (Negative) point, so they will not short circuit your tweezers!

(We also supply a 3-Pack SKU 37340204)

Simply unscrew the main compartment, drop out the old battery, and then drop in the new battery to get your La-tweez tweezers back to their super bright best!

 These  batteries are pre-tested before dispatch, so you know you are good to go on arrival!

Please recycle your old batteries when possible!

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